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Looking for a budget-conscious answer to 1-on-1 personal training? Pick a pal or let Carolann help you find a workout partner for a semi-private…it’s scientifically proven to increase positivity, accountability, and your commitment to the program. Everybody needs a buddy sometime, and celebrating fitness goals is twice as nice with a teammate!  


When she’s not packing ‘em in at Equinox Fitness Clubs’ classes, you can catch Carolann online for her steaming, streaming group classes. From high intensity interval training to Zumba and functional training, Carolann's positivity,  personality, and knowledge shine through. Try something new, take your fitness to the next level, or get jumpstarted  with Carolann today!

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For those that prefer the ultimate combination of mind/body approach, functional training, and positive psychology, it’s time to experience the Valentino Vibe! Carolann’s unique and dynamic personalized approach to fitness utilizes the most cutting-edge formats and modalities, customizing each workout to help you reach your goals. Her client list includes CEOs and Broadway performers, teachers and everyday tenacious folks who want to get motivated and get results. 


Carolann has helped hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs exceed their potential with her energetic, no-nonsense guidance.  Intuitive coaching meets positive psychology meets motivation in Carolann's multi-faceted approach to living your best life. More than just a motivational speaker, she imparts her own wisdom and life experiences into teaching. Relatable, positive, and knowledgeable, she'll help you sort through life's challenges and provide you with resilience skills that'll take you from mundane to motivated in record time!

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