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Carolann Valentino is a 15-time award-winning actress, comic, singer, dancer, host, improviser, producer and writer who is currently working out of New York City. The Texas native received accolades for her performances as Rizzo in Grease and Morales in A Chorus Line, and knew that performing was her destiny.

Having honed her skills in stand-up comedy, musical theatre and cabaret, she has appeared in some of NYC’s top clubs: Caroline's On Broadway, Stand Up New York, Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Cosmopolitan Club, and Don’t Tell Mama. Seeking to blend her love for song, dance, comedy and improv, Carolann produced, authored and starred in a solo-musical, If These Balls Could Talk (previously Burnt at the Steak). The show is based on her real-life “sizzling” experiences managing a $40-million, male- dominated steakhouse in the heart of NYC. The show has received multiple awards and rave reviews across its sold-out international and Off-Broadway tour.

Prior to her solo show, Ms. Valentino toured with The Italian Chicks, an all-star, all-female comedy troupe endorsed and produced by the late Danny Aiello.

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In film, Carolann earned a Best Supporting Actress award by the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards for her role as Evette in the nine-time, award-winning feature film “Casanova Was a Woman.” Other tv & film credits include “Lies & Oblivion - Session’s Vocal Unit,” “The Lair,” As the World Turns,” “Hell's Kitchen,” “Tyra Banks Show,” “VH-1,” “A Slice of the City,” “Midtown Series,”

“The Bistro,” “Girlfriends Kitchen,” “Live at Broadway Comedy Club” and “Comedy Comcast.”

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I vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on Carolann Valentino. She was performing stand-up. It was evident after watching her morph into several characters that she was an excellent actress, funny as all hell, and smashing the pre-historic notion that you can’t be beautiful if you want to be funny. All of this, plus singing, dancing, and a charisma that made you want to run on stage and just hug her. We eventually became dear friends, chosen family, and I had the pleasure of working with her in both “Cassanova Was a Woman” and “Lies & Oblivion: Session’s Vocal Unit.” She won a Best Supporting Actress Award for the former, and we won a Best Ensemble Award for the latter. Now with all that said, does that necessitate an easy ride working with such an immense talent? The answer is one resounding YES!  Carolann brings all her love, support, encouragement and talent to the table. She is never one who voluntarily pulls focus, never undercuts you, never fails to miss an opportunity to tell you of her appreciation of your work. She’s never a diva, always a professional, and just a bright light on any set anywhere in life. Why? Because Carolann Valentino is not only a tour de force talent, she’s an exceptional human being. Her humanity shows in everything that she does: her performing, her life coaching, her close family and friends. So if you want a successful project, hire Carolann Valentino. She’ll supply some professional accolades to it, and most importantly, you’ll get a lasting friendship filled with belly laughs, and maybe, just maybe,  you’ll even get to shine a bit like her because you were lucky enough to work along side of her. She’s a treasure.

Margo Singaliese

Award-Winning Actress | Producer

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Carolann Valentino is a formidable presence and performer whom I have had the privilege of working with as an actor, as well as a playwright/producer. Her exceptional abilities as a performer are always rooted in honesty and adorned with superb timing and explosive energy. The definitive showcase was her recent solo show, which, not unexpectedly, displayed all of Carolann's many strengths – as an actor, comedienne and singer.  She is a performing artist of the very highest caliber. 

Daniel Damiano

Actor | Writer & Co-Founder fandango 4 Art House

Carolann Valentino is one of the most inspiring artists I have ever met. I worked with her in many capacities (actor/writer/director/producer) and in every instance she was a powerhouse of positivity and creativity. She is a true “partner” and is always in your corner.  Her support is invaluable and everyone wishes they had her around when confronted with insurmountable challenges.  Carolann is a person that strives to make this world a better place, through her art and her heart!

Jezabel Montero

Award-Winning Actress | Writer | Producer | Fuacata Films

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