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Equinox Fitness 2017 Instructor of the Year

Equinox Shine On Award - 2016 and 2017

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Certified by the Athletics & Fitness Association of America & National Association of Sports Medicine


Positive Psychology Coach & 
Resilience Trainer

It's time to ignite your fitness potential, boost your mental and emotional

well-being and thrive!

An award-winning fitness instructor, CAROLANN VALENTINO has helped transform hundreds of people's lives with her unique approach to health and happiness. Her background in entertainment and comedy is the centerpiece for motivating the masses and the secret formula to how she's made waves in the fitness industry.


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• Personalized & Unique

• Results Driven

• Private or with Workout Buddies at Your Level

• Virtual or In-Person Workouts

• Fitness & Fun for All Body Types

• Flexible Class Schedule

If you want to get fit, laugh while getting your ass kicked, and not get injured, then Carolann Valentino a.k.a. Big Mama is it. According to the Equinox app, she is my favorite instructor. She teaches it all! In May 2017, I took a fully loaded class with Carolann at Equinox Rockefeller Center.

I have always had difficulty with following directions, knowing my left from my right. I remember my first time taking it with her, I just stood there like a deer in headlights. Carolann came over to me and showed me the moves and she was just so kind and non-judgmental. I went back every Tuesday night. It took me a while but I finally got it. Carolann was so excited when I would finally get a ViPR flow.


Here is a picture of Carolann and my workout buddy Jane, visiting me at NYU-Langone after brain surgery. 


I still remember when I returned to class after my surgery.  Carolann instills camaraderie, so you become friends with the other members because of her positivity.  I ended up befriending this woman I never thought I would even talk to. After Carolann’s classes, we just talk about how we love Carolann.

If you are prone to injuries like I am, Carolann is a must.  Anyone can take her class, athletes to injury-prone folks like myself.  You will find it challenging and fun. She watches your form and will correct you until you get it right.  If you also have any personal issues, she will listen to you and give you awesome advice. And she will boast about your accomplishments and share them with the class. 


During this sad and challenging time (COVID), I have been taking semi-privates with her, and I have never been this strong, agile or fit. I can wear a dress that I could not fit in last year.


My cousin noticed how fit I looked, and I told her you have to train with Carolann. So now she and my friend are training with her, and you should have read the texts I received after their first session. I also spoke to them and they thanked me for introducing this beautiful light in their lives.


I met Carolann because she taught my favorite class, and she ended up being my favorite teacher. She will make you sweat and smile.  She makes you feel special, like you are a superstar.  Carolann is good for your soul, mind and body.


Sandra Lespinasse

Lawyer | Equinox Fitness Club Enthusiast

Carolann is a great example of everything an exceptional instructor should be: tough enough to get results, gentle when needed, personable and funny! She makes them sweat and makes them smile...everything needed to keep our members healthy and coming back for more. Not only are her skills in the studio impeccable, but she is dependable and willing to go beyond the call of duty. 

Eric Cobb

Equinox | Group Fitness Manager

Eric Cobb.jpeg

I met Carolann Valentino about 10 years ago when she was a Zumba instructor at a center I attended. Members would be looking at the windows in excitement, waiting for Carolann to come into the class. Carolann has transformed our bodies, our nutritional habits, as well as our minds with her motivational enlightenment. She is not only a fitness expert extraordinaire, she is a kindred spirit, a caring soul, and a talented, skillful and wonderful person.

Sylvia D. Mitchell

Financial Advisor | Writer

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Carolann for three years – both in-person and virtually – including currently for weekly HIIT and core (a highlight of my week). Carolann is a talented instructor whose energy, enthusiasm and positivity shine through every class, helping you achieve your goals and pushing you to be your best. In addition to creating customized endurance, cardio and strength-building workouts, Carolann is laser-focused on ensuring proper form to get the most out of your training and avoid injury. Working with Carolann has taken my strength and fitness to the next level – including being able to train harder and run faster.

Rob LiCalzi

Vice President | Finance

Annie Syed.jpeg

have made more progress training with Carolann in a few weeks than I have in years on my own or with any other trainer. She is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable about fitness. Most trainers try to motivate you by stressing the importance of a strong body and commitment to working out; Carolann goes beyond that: she is focused on form and mental clarity. As a writer who also teaches, I stay seated a lot. Carolann is the reason for my joint mobility and mental stamina to tackle stressors of remote work during these strange times. Losing a dress size is just extra.

Annie Syed

Author | Teacher

Sandra's Story
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